Automated brushless channels pre-cleaning
in just 2 – 7 Minutes
Automated brushless channels pre-cleaning

The automated brushless endoscope channels 
pre-cleaning device. It improves reprocessing 
efficiency, hygiene and patient safety while reducing 
costs and waste.

Automated brushless channels pre-cleaning
in just 2 – 7 Minutes
Automated brushless channels pre-cleaning

The automated brushless endoscope channels 
pre-cleaning device. It improves reprocessing 
efficiency, hygiene and patient safety while reducing 
costs and waste.

The alternative solution to manual pre-cleaning

PENTAX Medical is a pioneer in increasing patient safety and infection prevention in endoscopy. Now, we have reinvented manual pre-cleaning for a more efficient process.

The AquaTYPHOON™ automated process provides:

  • integrated leak-test
  • fast brushless pre-cleaning of all endoscope channels in just 2–7 minutes1)
  • effective removal of residues, based on
 pending patent technology, thus reducing the
risk of cross-contaminations

The system is fully compatible with endoscopes from all major manufacturers.

Smart technology effectively removes residues

The AquaTYPHOON™ technology combines only air and water in the fully automated process for brushless pre-cleaning of all endoscope channels, even the non-brushable ones.


In the AquaTYPHOON™, water is introduced in a pulsed manner into the turbulent flow of medical air.


In the endoscope, highly turbulent two-phase fluid flow creates a strong shear stress that eliminates residues from the channel walls.


Afterwards, the endoscope channel is free of residues.

Highly efficient system for full reliability

The AquaTYPHOON™ system consists of everything you need to make reprocessing faster and easier:

  • AquaTYPHOON™ for fast channels pre-cleaning
  • Barcode or RFID scanner to track endoscopes and identify staff
  • AquaJET for exterior 
  • Label printer for full traceability

Pre-cleaning has never been so safe and easy

The AquaTYPHOON™ uses an automatic standardized process that helps preventing human errors and increases patient safety:

  • Automated device
    with built-in validation and integrated alarms
  • Intuitive software
    with step-by-step instructions on touchscreen makes the process safe and simple
  • Visual guidance
    and colour-coded tubing improve process flow

It supports procedure documentation and improves digital processes in the hospital:

  • Full traceability
    with both printed and digital audit-ready data records
  • Connection
    to hospital network and data management systems for centralized traceability

Caring for the environment

PENTAX Medical supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. AquaTYPHOON™ is one example of our continuous journey to sustainability:

AquaTYPHOON™ reduces water consumption2) compared to standard manual pre-cleaning processes.

The pending patent process uses air and water only, which eliminates the need for chemical detergents, as well as single-brushes, syringes and other waste.3)

What experts say about the system

The AquaTYPHOON™ automates the pre-cleaning process and enables full traceability. Pre-cleaning endoscopes with the AquaTYPHOON™ system saves time and improves efficiency. This way, it helps us reduce costs and waste while simplifying the procedures for our staff.

The process fulfills all conditions for an endoscopy unit to engage into an eco-responsible approach, an essential criterion nowadays in the organization of the healthcare services.
Françoise Mével, Senior Health Executive,
European Hospital Georges
 Pompidou, Paris, France

Time-saving pre-cleaning for all major endoscope brands

Parameters Values
Power supply/electrical network 100 – 240V
Dimension (LxWxH) 300x280x260mm
Maximal power 100W
Net weight 10.7kg
Minimal air inlet pressure 3bar
Minimal gas flow rate 70l/min
Minimal water inlet pressure 3bar
Endoscopic Devices Automated Pre-Cleaning Time
EBUS, bronchoscopes, naso-laryngoscopes, cystoscopes, ureteroscopes 2min
Gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopes 5min
EUS endoscopes, twin channel GI endoscopes 7min

Fully compatible with endoscopes from all major manufacturers.

A truly economical solution

The system fulfills your departments’ needs and can help you increase endoscopy efficiency and productivity. It offers physicians, nurses, reprocessing staff and hospital staff a solution that supports reaching your sustainability goals as well:

Reduce reprocessing costs by redeploying labor, minimizing water consumption and eliminating the need for single-use cleaning consumables and detergents.

Improve reprocessing workflow efficiency, reducing the endoscope turn-around time.

Simplify reprocessing, as AquaTYPHOON™ is an intuitive system and is applicable to all endoscope types and brands.

Optimal splash protection

The AquaBOX is designed to provide protection to the operator and surrounding environment from splashing with contaminated water.

  1. Practical addition
    It is placed in the sink and comes with height- adjustable feet and draining tube
  2. Connected to AquaTYPHOON™
    via tube connectors that can be led out to the left or right side of the box, allowing for a flexible setup
  3. Hand ports for easy access
    allowing for ergonomic handling during the entire process

AquaTYPHOON™, PlasmaTYPHOON™, PlasmaBAG™
The smart reprocessing team

The AquaTYPHOON™ is part of our hygiene solution to enhance endoscope hygiene and patient safety. The complete system reduces the risks of cross-contamination and infections.


Automated brushless channels pre-cleaning for all endoscope types and brands in just 2 – 7 minutes.1)


Ultra-fast and complete channels drying for all types of endoscopes in just 1 – 3 minutes.1)

PlasmaBAG™ / PlasmaBAG™ ECO

Safe long-term storage of ready-to-use endoscopes for up to 31 days.2) Individual zero energy storage, without capacity limit.

These automated processes have implemented validation, security systems, full traceability, and are more efficient and sustainable than standard procedures.

Independently tested

The AquaTYPHOON™ system has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories having Cofrac accreditation, as well as clinically validated at several pilot sites. The system is certified to comply with the following regulation and standards:

  • Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices
  • IEC 61010-1: 2017
  • IEC 61326-1: 2021
  • EN ISO 15883-4: 2018
  • EN ISO 15883-5: 2021 EN ISO 15223-1: 2021

1) See technical data section.
2) Evaluated in internal tests against standard manual pre-cleaning procedures.
3) Calculated with 1 filter exchange annually with AquaTYPHOON™ (= 510 g waste) compared to more than 861 kg waste (single-use syringes, brushes, etc.) in standard manual pre-cleaning.

CE Medical device class I 
This product must be used only by healthcare professionals. Before use and for detailed product specifications, please refer to the instructions. In the interest of technical process, specifications may change without notice. AquaTYPHOON, PlasmaTYPHOON and PlasmaBAG are registered trademarks of PlasmaBiotics SA. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2023 HOYA Corporation. All rights reserved.